Aerify Aerosol Sanitiser


Hand & Surface Aerosol Sanitiser

70% Alcohol

Alcohol based sanitiser to be used as an Antiseptic and Bactericidal

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Aerify is a blend of alcohols, producing a
perfect blend that contains
70% Alcohol, Moisturiser, Glycerine
Hydrogen Peroxide, De-ionized water,
Propane and Butane.
Aerify is safe to use on Hands and surfaces.
It should be held at a 10cm
distance and spray evenly. Rub hands
until dry, or dry surface with a cloth. This
product is EXTREMLY FLAMABLE, so
caution is advised.
The Chemistry
Aerify has been tested and retested, and
has proved to be a superior product
across the board. It kills 99.9% of known
germs and cleans with the power of
strong bleaches.

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